God’s Girls: embracing His calling…leaving a legacy*

Do you consider yourself one of God’s girls? Do you look around and think others are more worthy of the title than you? During this retreat weekend we’re going to get to know some girls straight from the Word of God. Looking into their lives we’ll discover how God used them – flaws and all. He can and will do the same for us, if we’ll let Him. These girls embraced His calling on their lives and they are leaving a legacy for us to do the same. Let’s be God’s Girls together. A six-week Bible study written by Deb is also available.

 Going Deeper…from distraction to devotion*

Is it the longing of your heart to go deeper with Jesus? What’s distracting you and what keeps getting in the way? Join Deb as she introduces us to women in the Bible who have a lot to teach us about going deeper. We’ll peek into their lives and discover how God drew them, called them and prepared them. We will be challenged to follow their call from distraction to devotion.

He Calls You Princess*

Have you felt like a princess lately? We tend to look in all the wrong places to define who we are. Who we are is more, so much more, than our focus on the outside. What does God say about us? What do our lives look like when we are really living like a princess of the King of kings? Being royal starts from the inside out. Come and join Deb in the discovery of who we are by looking in the mirror of God’s Word.

Imagine…A Heart Set Free*

What would it look like, feel like to be set free? Free from fear—from doubt—from insecurity. What would it take to get our hearts from here to there? Would it be worth the risk? Deb believes one of the deepest longings of every woman is to live free. Imagine choosing faith over fear and experiencing courage. Imagine choosing belief over doubt and experiencing freedom. Imagine choosing trust over insecurity and experiencing joy. Imagine…A Heart Set Free!

 The Care-Filled Woman…caring for others & ourselves

We as women know how to care. (Well, maybe not so much when it comes to taking care of ourselves!) We take care of our children, the laundry, our husbands, our friends, our long list of things to do, people to see and places to go. Yep, we know how to care! BUT are we care-filled? Is our care coming from a full heart or an empty one? And how do we keep from running on empty? Let’s talk about how to become care-filled women. God in His Word has so much to teach us about this character quality using some amazing women to show us the way. I want…I need to be care-filled. How about you?

How Martha Had A Mary Christmas

Is it possible for the “Martha” in us to actually enjoy the Christmas season? Deb thinks it is! Join her for a fun, yet practical time of learning how to choose and move our way to a very Mary Christmas.

*These topics are also designed as multiple messages — great for a retreat or conference.

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